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Hazardous Substances Management Training

Hazardous Materials and Waste Classification.

Identifying Hazardous or Chemical Substances is Crucial
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Daniel Allen provides a highly proclaimed workshop targeting business’s whom deal with hazardous waste. He covers a range of topics through structured lessons to provide essential basic chemical safety and handling information to staff involved in hazardous waste management. Specifically designed  for labourers, Chemists and associated staff entering the Hazardous Waste Management Industry, the course aims for participants to be able to understand the types of hazards that may be present in the handling of chemicals, to be able to understand where to find and how to use basic safety information in relation to chemicals and for participants to be able to select, use and maintain personal protective equipment for handling of chemicals.

The first thing Daniel tackles is asking what chemicals are, what hazardous substances and dangerous goods are and how these relate to waste. It is paramount that businesses ensure their employees are savvy about the various substances they handle and with new strict rules and regulations coming into play, there’s no better time to educate workers in the hazardous waste sector.

Hazardous substances are hazardous to both our health and the environment so it’s essential that when dealing with such materials people are knowledgeable about what they are dealing with. Did you know that all Dangerous Goods are Hazardous Substances but not all Hazardous Substances are Dangerous Goods?

The Dangerous Goods Classification System is derived from the UN Model Regulations and is still the primary means of classifying Dangerous Goods. Basic familiarity with this system when dealing with chemicals is a must and with Dangerous Goods, the symbols are easy to recognise. Dangerous Goods also represent your highest risk of a hazardous substance. This means that a quick identification as to whether a chemical is dangerous goods or not is an easy way to gauge the hazard of the substance you are dealing with.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is a very detailed internationally agreed-upon standard ordered by the UN that was started to take over the assortment of hazardous material classification and labelling schemes formerly used around the world. GHS is really only necessary when you deal with the detail around a range of hazardous substances as well as dangerous goods, however, if your business deals with GHS, Daniel can tailor a workshop to help your workers understand GHS fully.

The primary goal for this section of the workshop, Hazardous Materials and Waste Classification, is to highlight the need for care around chemicals, and how easy it can be to become complacent with them even when you are dealing with them all of the time. Daniel teaches the various classes of Dangerous Goods and explores each substance using easy to understand language, humour and clear examples.

Typical training then moves through a number of other topics including Legal Aspects, Safety Data Sheets, Safe Storage of Chemicals, Spill Management and finally, the Secure Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures.

If your business is interested in learning more about hazardous waste and safeguarding your workers, please contact us to discuss a future presentation. Daniel can tailor a presentation, workshop or training program to suit YOUR specific needs.

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