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Environmental Solutions is founded and run by Principal Consultant Daniel Allen with strong links to local and international industry professionals. We solve your problem or we'll help you find someone who can.
Daniel Allen
Founder and Principal

Daniel has worked both internationally and locally specialising in environmental and hazardous waste management since 2000.


Daniel studied chemistry and worked from the ground up in the hands on practical management of dangerous goods and hazardous substances as both wastes and as products. He has held roles ranging from environmental and health and safety management to sales and ultimately held multiple roles as divisional branch and general manager of publicly listed companies specialising in waste and hazardous waste management.


Daniel has worked primarily in quality focussed businesses in stringent regulatory environments. He understands your business, the impacts on it and the keys to realising systems, compliance and operational and financial success.

“I began consulting because i enjoy helping businesses grow. I look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realise them! Please give me a call now for a free consultation" 


Daniel Allen, Principal, Environmental Solutions

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