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Project Management
Project Definition and Resourcing

Projects normally blow out in time and cost because there wasn't enough time put in at the front end to get the project right. If it seems too hard, you need a sounding board,  there are too many people involved, you don't feel like you have control, you are rushing decisions and you need someone to control and direct this then it might just be worth giving us a call.

The biggest mistake people make is trying to do everything themselves to save cost. We've been there and learnt from these mistakes.


It can seem like a leap but having a dedicated project manager that you can hold accountable can make your life easier and cost you less in the long run.

 We prompt you to think about the project and your alternatives and we'll be accountable to be there and help resolve the problems.


Its all about return on investment, ensuring you do the things you want to be doing and not wasting valuable time and money on the things you don't.


We can set up and maintain detailed yet simple project cost trackers for you to keep all your contracts, quotes, project scope and variations to original project budget in one simple accessible file. Report to your directors or show your team the reasons the project makes a good return on investment.


We also help with contractor control. You want them to follow your site procedures and talk to you about what they are doing before they do it don't you. This sounds like common sense though your expectations are often misaligned with those of the people you are dealing with, let us help.

Problem Solving
Cost and Contractor Control



Too often projects happen that are poorly defined or have contractors and people involved in the project who don't share your same sense of urgency and expectations. If your project has a specialist hazardous or environmental requirement this is where Environmental Solutions can add value.


The team at Environmental Solutions have collective experience in projects involving waste treatment, stormwater management, contaminated site remediation, engineering-based treatment techologies, treatment facilities, business systems and procedures, cost models, market assessment, organisational structures, personnel sourcing and training.


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