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Hazchem Services

Hazchem Services is Environmental Solutions' sister company focused on Hazardous Substance and Hazardous Waste Transport and Management

The specialised team of chemists and technical operatives are dedicated to the safe management of handling, transporting and disposal of chemical and/or hazardous waste. With an emphasis on health & safety, Hazchem Services provide pioneering waste management and environmental services for Northland business’s ensuring prevention to pollution, protection for our beautiful New Zealand country and safeguard our public health.

Hazchem Services offers your business the whole package; our transport fleet provides hazardous and chemical waste identification, packaging, inventory, transportation and disposal services. Our dangerous goods endorsed and approved handler qualified drivers provide a high quality, friendly, quick, affordable and reliable service.

We use sustainable waste management methods, collecting all kinds of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes whether solids or liquids, to ensure that our clients are compliant with all current legislation, so you can rest assured that your waste management is dealt with appropriately and in a cost-effective manner for your business.

For more information on hazardous waste management and transportation in Whangarei, Auckland and surrounding areas, please visit Hazchem Services or contact us now on 0800 110 984.

Our drivers are fully qualified to handle your hazardous waste
Your waste will be packaged, transported and disposed of following strict health & saftey protocols
Locally owned and run by Daniel Allen
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